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If you’ve ever read about periodontal disease, you probably realize that its effects can be grave: lost teeth, infected gums and injured bones. So that must mean that the disease is really uncommon, right? Most people still have their teeth, don’t they? Actually, the truth may surprise you. Keep reading to find out why.

Despite what you may believe, periodontal disease is very common. A few estimates by the Center for Disease Control say that about half of U.S. adults deal with a type of periodontal disease. Since multiple of us consume foods high in sugar (like soda and candy), we make higher levels of plaque and facilitate the development of periodontal disease. There are two keys to making periodontal disease less widespread. The first step is to stop eating so many excessively sugary foods so that we will have less plaque. The second step is to practice strong oral hygiene by brushing twice per day and flossing once per day. Visiting the dentist at least every half of a year also helps! Every exam to our office includes a check for gum disease.

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