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Crown Lengthening, also called a gingivectomy, is a flexible procedure that we use in a number of circumstances that our patient come to us with. It involves reshaping the gumline to lengthen the teeth, usually for one of a few reasons.

Gingivitis is often a reason to get a gingivectomy. Advanced gum disease inflames and loosens the gums, creating pockets where bacteria can flourish. A gingivectomy can reduce the pockets and reduce the spaces for the bacteria to grow.

Crown lengthening can also be done for cosmetic reasons. Some of our patients have what is called a “gummy smile,” where their gumline covers a large portion of their teeth. Reshaping the gums will expose more of the teeth, improving the appearance of the smile.

Another reason to lengthen the crowns is when a patient needs a restoration treatment, but the gums around the tooth or teeth are in the way. Our dentist would then pare down the gums to be able to perform the restoration properly.

Whatever reason you need a gingivectomy for, Eastside Periodontics can help. To learn more, or to schedule your appointment with Dr. Jack Schwarcz, please call us in Center Line, Michigan, today.